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TRUCK is a casual, neighborhood restaurant in Bedford, NY, making wholesome meals in an atmosphere with a comfortable, vintage feel that is reminiscent of simpler times.

The name “TRUCK,” in part, corresponds to the restaurant’s location, which for generations has been a rest stop for travelers and truckers along busy Route 22. Stretching over 340 miles, Route 22 is New York State’s longest north-south roadway beginning at the Canadian border running straight down to New York City. Much of scenic Route 22 is a rural two-lane road that weaves through small villages and hamlets, climbs up over the Berkshires and Taconic Mountains all the while passing fertile farmlands and dairies. Past and present, this route has been used to transport fresh produce, dairy and meats from New York farmlands straight into the bustling restaurants of New York City. TRUCK restaurant sits en route awaiting deliveries from these beloved truck farms. The name “TRUCK” also denotes the respect we have for the hard-working farmers that produce and transport great food to our table.

Staff carrying food in kitchen

TRUCK’s menu is inspired by the down-home cooking traditions of Northern New Mexico where the food has been influenced by Cowboy, Native American and Mexican cultures. This fare is dear to the heart of Chef/Owner Nancy Allen Roper who grew up in New Mexico and began sharing her love for the Southwest nearly 20 years ago at her restaurant in Greenwich, Connecticut.

TRUCK’s menu features tacos, enchiladas and signature salads made with grass-fed beef, sustainably raised pork and vegetables straight from local farms whenever possible. A meal at TRUCK is not complete without the “Power Wagon,” the house margarita made with top quality, 100% agave tequila, fresh-squeezed lime and all-natural triple sec. At TRUCK, the drink menu goes beyond the margarita and speaks for the restaurant’s passion for making environmentally conscious decisions; craft beers on tap and in aluminum cans along with red, white and rose wines on tap, have all been hand-selected in an effort to educate that reduced waste does not have to mean sacrifice in quality and taste.

Counter with fresh vegetables, flowers and jar

TRUCK’s design seamlessly integrates into the historical Bedford, New York landscape as if it has been a part of the community all along. Planted outside the restaurant are eatable gardens featuring varietals native to the area. Pear trees, herbs, rhubarb, blueberry bushes, even a fig tree are growing along busy Route 22. Inside the atmosphere feels like TRUCK has been Bedford’s local farm stand, general store and gathering place for years. Guests enter to find a historic front counter that was discovered in New Jersey and belonged to the Roebling family, builders of the Brooklyn Bridge. Salvaged wood paneling throughout the dining room bears original antique wallpaper and marks left from generations past. A glimpse of the Southwest hangs high above the dining room with a museum quality Texas Longhorn skull, “Big Tex,” hand selected in Waco Texas by Longhorn preservationist Frank Sharp.

TRUCK aims to be a community gathering spot, providing consistently good quality wholesome, healthy meals and great service—”TRUCK brings farm to fork.”